1. Skyping with Alan Berliner 4/25/12

    Spring of my junior year of college, I took an experimental film course. It was one of the best classes I took during my time in school. One day, we skyped with documentarian, Alan Berliner. He’s a great artist, and I love his work. These were some gems of quotes from that interview (useful when applied to both art and to life):

    "Everything you do should be the hardest thing you’ve done."

    "Each of us have our own way of doing things and we have a responsibility to discover our way."

    "It’s okay to get lost. In finding your way, you’ll make your art."

    "I have to wait a year after I make a film so I can forget how hard it was and I can feel motivated to work again."

    "Every work of art is a balancing act between what is revealed and unrevealed. It’s a mitigated vulnerability."

    "If the audience can feel that I’m protecting him, sentimentalizing or praising him, something is lost. The audience must realize the risk, the fragility, the existential pain — instead of in the bay, we are now in the ocean. There are sharks out there and you can drown."

    "There’s only one Ultimate Meal, and it doesn’t come in flavors." (ha!) 

    "Waste your time. Waste your money. That’s the only way to learn." (not Alan’s, but his friend’s quote.)

    "What don’t you know if you can do? What don’t you know if you have? Find out."


    "I aim to keep the word ‘inventor’ in the air at all times."


    And my favorites:

    "It’s inevitable. You become who and what you are."


    "If it doesn’t come from a place where your heart and mind intersect, don’t do it."


    "Art requires fascination, urging and need."

  2. keanu

    six rascals from austin who had never done improv together did a month-long run at upstairs gallery in november 2013 

    keanu is molly moore, danny catlow, devin race, brady james, max lipchitz and kayla lane freeman




  3. Performance of “Body Stuff” at No Shame Theatre, 09/28/13

    1. "I need a volunteer to share his or her body with me for the next few minutes." (Thank you, David.)

    2. Interview:

    What is your favorite part of your body? "My ankles."
    What would your lover say is his or her favorite part of your body?
    "My right hand."
    What would your mother say is her favorite part of your body?
    "My smile."
    Of what part of your body are you most ashamed?
    "My waist … my hips."

    3.Write these answers on the quadrants of the Twister spinner.

    4. Play.

    5. “Dark chocolate is known for being rich in antioxidants. It’s kind of a health food like that. But it’s still chocolate, so it’s a treat. Kind of bad for you. Want to split this with me?”

    6. Eat.